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Irrigation Design & Installation

Automated irrigation systems mean Cantabrians can ensure a lush green lawn and healthy garden all year round. It gives peace of mind, like an insurance policy for your landscape, also adding value to your property.
ENSORS measure, design and install a custom solution suited to every landscape. It all starts with a site visit, so get in touch today…


Irrigation Management & Servicing

To keep irrigation systems in optimum condition seasonal servicing is a must.

ENSORS offer professional and reliable servicing of irrigation systems. We run all zones, check operation, tune sprinklers + pop-up maintenance and make seasonal adjustments to programming. This ensures your every component is operating correctly and ready to protect your landscape.

We also offer full management for those that would like the peace of mind of having their landscape looked after by professionals. All programming and operation is controlled remotely from ENSORS via WiFi controllers.


Water Features

Design & Build of Bespoke Water Features

We can create beautiful works of art using water as our medium. Water features, ponds and aquariums to dramatically enhance your environment.


Water Feature Maintenance

Professional pond and aquarium cleaning service


Pumps, Filters & Treatment

Pumps and filters require regular maintenance. Not only to maintain healthy water but also to avoid premature wear and tear on pumps working against blocked filters. When living rurally water pumps and filters are the responsibility of the homeowner but ENSORS can take care of it all with a professional service, providing periodic maintenance of all domestic pump and filtration systems.
Including softeners, neutralisers, sediment filters and U.V sterilisers.


Water Supply

Water supply is the backbone of any farm or lifestyle block. A well designed layout ensures that your domestic, irrigation and stock water systems are working efficiently and can save water, time and money.

ENSORS are experienced in designing, installing and maintaining water supply systems in Canterbury.

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